Professor Blanton

Professor Blanton and Brendan Laubner enjoyed more than a week with Hunt The Sun

Professor Blanton 1

Professor Blanton 2

Professor Blanton 3

Prof Blanton hunted Springbuck, Kudu, Impala and Bontebok, I am sure his students will be hearing all his wonderful stories of hunting in South Africa with Hunt The Sun

Professor Blanton 4

Professor Blanton 5

Professor Blanton 6

Brendan hunted Gemsbuck, Springbuck and Impala and will be backing up the Professors tales for years to come.


The weather did not dampen Joe’s spirits either

Joe joined Karl hunting in the Northern Cape and Wingshooting in the Free State

Professor Blanton 10

The best time for wingshooting is coming to an end for the year, but we have had some good rough hunts over crops.

Professor Blanton 11

Professor Blanton 12

Professor Blanton 13

Professor Blanton 14

Professor Blanton 15

Professor Blanton 16

The trophies Joe will be proudly displaying at home in the USA include Kudu, Gemsbuck, Blesbuck, Impala, Zebra, Red Hartebeest and a Waterbuck.

Weather did not dampen Hunting

Although the weather didn’t always co-operate and we had some unseasonal rain (and hail) Karl Shaffer enjoyed hunting in the Northern Cape and Eastern Cape and wingshooting in the Free State.

Professor Blanton 17 

No snow, just hail. 

Professor Blanton 18

The sun came out, the hail melted, and Karl could carry on hunting, shooting this Springbuck.

Professor Blanton 19

A good trophy Kudu was crossed off Karl’s wishlist and added to his “I got it” list

Professor Blanton 20

Karl with PH Evert and a Red Hartebeest

Professor Blanton 21

In the end, whatever the weather, good hunting and good times are offered by Hunt the Sun

2011 Off to a Fantastic start

Professor Blanton 28  Jan Jacobsson from African Adventure shot a Black Wildebeest

Professor Blanton 29  Jan also had a great time while shooting Impala, Gemsbuck, Red Hartebeest, Ostrich, etc, etc 

Professor Blanton 30  Not to be outdone, Maria, also shot a Black Wildebeest!

Ingmat’s Impala

February 2009:  Ingmar Axelsson hunted this 23 inch Impala with Hunting Outfitter Mike Birch.  The hunting season started off well with the veld looking magnificent after our good January / February rains.Professor Blanton 31