We offer some of the finest wing shooting available anywhere and can offer the discerning wing shooter a champagne experience.

Whether you prefer the high action of  low flying incoming pigeon missiles, adrenaline of driven guinea fowl, ducks, geese, greywing partridge over English pointers or the ultimate experience of sand grouse shooting, we can tailor make a package to suit you.

The premier sport must however be shooting the rock pigeon or rockies as they are known here. These birds fly in flocks numbering thousands, descending into cultivated fields and intent on wreaking havoc to the farmers crops. Percentage losses of over 50% are commonly experienced and in these tough economic times this is devastating to the farmer and his family. The action is spread out through the day with peaks in the early morning and mid afternoon. Up to 1000 rounds can be fired. Our experiences cater for either the dedicated wing shooter or the rifle hunter simply needing an afternoon break from hunting plains game.

The seasons vary so be sure to mention your interest in wing shooting when making your booking and we will ensure that details are covered. We will supply shells and even guns if required and will ensure that your wing shooting is a memorable one. So for your next trip to South Africa, don’t forget your shotgun! A 12g or 20g work well. Hunt the Sun caters for all your African wing shooting requirements.

Wing shooters can look forward to the following:

Pigeons and doves

Exciting shooting as one of the fastest flying birds come streaking in. The opportunities are numerous and the action fast. Guns are placed in known flight lines in small blinds constructed in cultivated fields of Sunflowers or Maize. Challenging shooting with opportunities for all levels. Concessions are close to the lodge and up to 2 hours drive, depending on where the shooting is hot.

Guinea Fowl

Driven by beaters to a line of guns, this is adrenaline at its best, shooting is quick, guineas deceptive, good acceleration with fun shooting. A definite wing shooters treat. Tough quick birds, a good days hunting with a fair amount of walking.


South Africa boasts a wide variety of ducks. They are shot from blinds or concealed vegetation spots along watercourses and around open water bodies and vleis. Decoys are used. Numerous species and target prey will depend on area and season. Numerous duck species are shot from grass blinds at the edge of ponds and marshes. Yellow bill , South African Shelduck, Red Billed Teal, Cape shoveller are amongst the ducks that will form part of the days bag.


Egyptian and Spurwing provide quick wary eyed targets alongside grain fields. Shooting over decoys from a blind is the general practise.

Greywing Partridge (Francolin)

High mountain reaches, often cold, expect a good days walking while the well trained pointers course to and fro looking for scent. Fast flying, this is a true test of your skill. The covey bursts from under your feet, leaving little time for an adrenaline filled shot. The scenery and views are truely breathtaking


Namaqua sandgrouse vocalising on route to water is a common call that sounds across the savannas each morning. They congregate around water at a specified time each morning. The shooting is quick as they descend to water. Some say wing shooting at its best, an hour of exhilarating fun.


Various types of Francolin, Orange River, Natal Spurfowl, Cape Spurfowl and Swainsons Spurfowl provide excellent shooting.

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